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  • Happy Birthday Robin, enjoy your day!!!
    Ed and Pat Gifford
    the Snot Rocket tandem
    Just logged in for the 1st time today; Happy Birthday!!!!!! I really hope you had a wonderful day today. FTR, since your B-Day is on a Thursday, you are expected to strecth this out to a B-Day Weekend!!!!

    All the best.

    Hi Robin, just wanted to say thanks for letting me and Fred join your group on Sunday, We had a great time. You ride very well and did excellent going over the downed trees. Just remember to keep up your speed, lift the front wheel and lean back when your almost over it and once you commit yourself just go for it. Confidence is the main thing and you can do it.Hope to ride again.
    Very nice hi fi can't wait to get an upclose of her, congrats and welcome to the big wheelz club.
    did you do the NYC 5 boro tour? Or is there another skiphreaknj posting in the 5 boro photo contest messages???
    Robin, I see your surfing today....when are you going to get out and ride with us? There's no new snow in our neck of the woods....time bust out the bike!!!!!

    All the best my friend. I hope we get out together before the spring flowers start to bloom. LOL

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    May 2010 bring many Miles of Smiles in your cycling adventures. See you out there on the trais...Matt
    Looks like I'll be riding with a group from Budd Lake side on Saturday Morning 7:00Am ish.
    Call me Friday night btn 5 & 9PM to confirm if interested. Ed 973 691-6478
    Hey--Had a great ride today. Went with Heidi and Holly. We did the whole white loop,also going up the white that we talked about. I miss riding with you ! Not sure if I can do Fri. :-( --- Will let you know. Are you posting a ride? P.P.
    How was your ride?--Did you get lost?--Wish you could come tomarrow--Meeting Heidi at 10a---P
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