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  1. Dave Taylor

    Help Me Pick a Bike (North Jersey)

  2. Dave Taylor

    Port Jervis Watershed

    I saw Dejay's post and it seems odd. Closed on 3 days notice with no heads. Just out of a job.
  3. Dave Taylor

    eBay sellers ? I need to move some stuff

    Are you trying to do this through your eBay account with someone handling it or use someone else's account?
  4. Dave Taylor


    Yes but often the welders and mechanics out of school don’t know the difference between their asshole and a hole in the wall.
  5. Dave Taylor


    I disagree when you say completely inaccurate. I don’t think one person knows at all but I also believe there are are in most cases, a holistic method that is equal to or better than a medicinal method. I am not saying that I CPAP is not for some people, but most people can avoid it with diet...
  6. Dave Taylor


    It’s not about this buffoons story, rather that you’re suggesting that all dark doctors are smarter than non-doctors
  7. Dave Taylor


    Maybe check out Dr. Stewart McGill‘s success with healing backs without surgery. So is a pain management doctor and a different than a surgical doctor? Which one is better why is one better than the other? Because there is more than one way to skin a cat. Do you realize how many doctors have...
  8. Dave Taylor


    Bill Gates is an idiot and doesn’t know how to make any money selling or designing computers and comp computer parts because he dropped out of college. He has no degree so he must be an idiot.
  9. Dave Taylor


    Diet is key. If you want to research look i to what Gary Brecka did for Dana White. Off all meds and cpap in less than 10 weeks. Inflammatory foods are key to get rid of.
  10. Dave Taylor

    Heading to Pinehurst in a couple weeks

    Do it, totally worth it. If you park at upper Hamburg lot you can roll out and follow the blue or yellow trail.
  11. Dave Taylor

    Heading to Pinehurst in a couple weeks

    What camprground are you staying at? VW, Knucklebuster, and Catoctin National Trail Loop Sand Flats Parking these are the poular lots to park at for the frederick watershed. Prob 30-40 min drive...
  12. Dave Taylor

    Motorcycle on a trailer

    What type of motorcycle?
  13. Dave Taylor

    Tire inserts revisited.

    I never needed inserts in NJ for the most part. I did use them briefly at CR and liked the feel of the pepes. Now that I primarily ride the frederick watershed I feel they are almost mandatory. I run a tannus in the rear only. The only complaint I have is it seems that the sealant always dries...
  14. Dave Taylor

    Zipp 1Zero HiTop Wheels

    I can’t be happier than with the Ibis S28 with I9 hubs. A collaboration with Stans. They are wider than but very similar in feel to the valors.
  15. Dave Taylor

    Chimney Rock Conditions

    Rode yellow/ hi tech. Couple wett spots on the flat into hitech off miller lane. The newer section across gilbride from yellow( lolipop) was pretty wet in spots.
  16. Dave Taylor

    Chimney Rock 10/11- can wednesdays be a thing?

    I can do wednesdays. Monday or tursday too. I’ve been mostly off the bike fot a month with back issues. Made it a mile in this week and snapped chain.
  17. Dave Taylor

    Chimney Rock 10/11- can wednesdays be a thing?

    Badmouthed NJ entire life in NJ too. Consistency.
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