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    @Bike N Gear This popping up in my ads now- Brief Google search suggests the site is legit, they’ve got a deal on the Resmed Airsense 10- looks to have autoset- Might be worth a look...
  2. jmanic

    Home Brewing Supplies !!!

    I can check...
  3. jmanic

    Help Me Pick a Bike (North Jersey)

    Yeah, gotta say @jShort’s offering should definitely be in the running here. My guy builds it good, keeps it clean and prices it to move.
  4. jmanic

    Bad Driving

    My commute for 8ish years? Can confirm.
  5. jmanic

    Home Brewing Supplies !!!

    Yeah, I just unloaded my brewing equipment and bottles a short while ago. They sat for way too long and took up too much space in the basement. Made room for the vintage HiFi hobby. Gave them to my SiL’s niece. She’s loving it and jumped in full bore. Apparently the beer is awful though...
  6. jmanic

    What are you cooking right now?

    Spatchcocked my bitch up! 48hr buttermilk brine
  7. jmanic

    Best rub/seasoning for a deep fried turkey

    You’ll be fine as long as you remember to drop the Turkey into the oil when it is completely frozen. Otherwise it’ll dry out.
  8. jmanic


    That sounds about right. System is all kinds of broken.
  9. jmanic

    What are you cooking right now?

    the other night we tried eggs in purgatory- all the rage at fancy brunch places. Similar to shakshuka, but this one get my vote Then broke out some stuff for @Norm and @Dominique @qclabrat if we had a smaller group, sides would include that broccolini- also the roasted...
  10. jmanic

    What are you cooking right now?

    @qclabrat take a peek through here- We aren’t doing many sides this year (folks bringing), but if I had to find sides, this is where I’d start:
  11. jmanic


    Yeah, I can’t say which is best, but I think I got lucky with the auto adjustable Resmed 11 like @jdog - Try for an auto-adjust model if possible, for the reasons I cited. A constant flow machine is calibrated but that will be the flow rate until you manually adjust it. Auto-adjust I expect is...
  12. jmanic


    Hopefully the equipment company comes through ahead of schedule. When mine was ordered, it was when one of the two big companies was mired down with a massive recall, and the other (Resmed) was overwhelmed. And general demand was really high. I was told it might be a few months, it popped up...
  13. jmanic

    What are you watching now?

    Just watched Cocaine Bear for the second time. Would watch again. Fun fact: run time is the exact flight time between lift off in Nashville and touch down in Newark.
  14. jmanic


    I’ve been using an APAP (automatic vs constant) with nose-only mask for about a year and a half. I took to it immediately and would not want to be without it. I always snored, even when I was skinny. Sleep study (in home) identified severe apnea (avg 43 events per hour- severe is defined as...
  15. jmanic

    Winter wheels & Snow tires- 205/60/16 $250

    Hey gang- winter wheels and tires off an '07 Accord- $250 Common bolt pattern, fits many others. Tires already filled with winter air, so they are ready to roll! Can meet in Bergen or Sussex counties Set of 4 Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT snow tires Tires: 205 60R 16 Rims: 5-114.3 mm bolt...
  16. jmanic

    Sprinkler shut off valve

    Haven’t gotten there yet. I’m going all in on one model- BIC 980, so I occasionally pick up parts lots here and there, including harnesses and replacement tonearms. Cool thing is I connected with a great source for NOS parts- one of the designers of the TT has a shop out in long island- he...
  17. jmanic

    Drop bars-what do I want?

    Sending your dentist’s kid to the Ivy League- Nice!
  18. jmanic

    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    In for Hot Topic November
  19. jmanic

    What are you cooking right now?

    Love this. And wonton wrappers also work great for lazyman’s homemade ravioli.
  20. jmanic

    OFFICIAL: 2023 Fantasy Football Thread - How many years we been doin this?

    After the 4pm games, I figured it was over. Then after the Bills opening drive I was sure. Very surprised when I tuned back in later.
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