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  1. one piece crank

    Ask an automobile mechanic.

    I’m more like a ZF 4HP22 kinda guy.
  2. one piece crank

    Ask an automobile mechanic.

    Have you ever prices Mobil1 AFT?
  3. one piece crank

    Should a new mountain biker learn to ride on flat or clipless pedals?

    Focusing on a key part of the thread title, " mountain biker...", I will restate flat pedals rule. I have ridden for over 40 years. I am not an uber-conditioned athlete and could be considered past my prime. Yet I do not encounter trails I am unable to ride/clear due to flat pedals. I can...
  4. one piece crank

    Going Long and Hard.

    Jim - Are you doing the 2024 ITI ?
  5. one piece crank

    Bontrager rolled Mavic MA2’s 36h

    I tried. Found their web site is mostly ca.1992 html code and their contact is form errors out upon submission :rolleyes:
  6. one piece crank

    Bontrager rolled Mavic MA2’s 36h

    Go it a link?
  7. one piece crank

    Bontrager rolled Mavic MA2’s 36h

    I’ve had these in my stash from the late 80’s. Brontrager took a 700c wheel (40h) then cut and rolled it down to 26”/36h. Includes the DT spokes (with spoke prep!) that I planned to use (for Suntour GreaseGuard hubs, IIRC). $50 and they are yours.
  8. one piece crank

    Home Brewing Supplies !!!

    Minikegs, chillers, glassware and 6gal carboy found a new home! Happy brewing Zach! Plastic is all gone too, but I held onto the 5gal carboy and grain mill if any takers…
  9. one piece crank

    Post a picture of your next bike part or mtb gear on order!

    Man, do I love chrome 😍
  10. one piece crank

    Bike industry failing?

    GT bicycles is offering a BOGO.
  11. one piece crank

    Minimal Tire Studding

    I installed the studded Wrathchildren today - super easy and uneventful. Took a very short loop around the property including ~600ft of pavement. These tires do not lack for traction (or noise)! What is the collective thought on break-in? Do I really need to ride pavement to set the studs?
  12. one piece crank

    What have you done to your bike today?

    Set-up the 5-inch wheels for Winter and mounted studded 4.6” Wrathchildren on my Summer wheels. This time I remembered to sync the rotor spacing for quick wheel swaps!
  13. one piece crank

    Frenchtown Preserve Conditions

    I love this map, but it's really confusing me! I ride from memory, don't pay attention to trail names/colors, and I link the trails in a completely different manner.
  14. one piece crank

    Home/Garage Security

    Iman29 - post up your final decision. We are using Amazon Blink cameras on three properties. All cameras except one are grandfathered from Blink's fee-free service. When we move I will expand our system and incur fees on the new devices (Blink $100/year, unlimited devices). Wyze looks good...
  15. one piece crank

    If you had to get rid of all your bikes except one...

    No bike is more fun than this one. Durable, simple, easy to stuff in a suitcase, and incredibly rewarding to ride. My fat bike comes in second, but it's not even close!
  16. one piece crank

    Home Brewing Supplies !!!

    Kegs, chillers and glassware are spoke for. Including this baby…
  17. one piece crank

    Home Brewing Supplies !!!

    I can do that. Look at the photo and let me know what you definitely would want. I have a dumpster this week so I’ll toss the rest.
  18. one piece crank

    Home Brewing Supplies !!!

    You should, there are 5 of them! What is far?
  19. one piece crank

    Kids Suspension Forks

    Dumpster time approaching…
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