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  1. Aresab310

    Heat pumps. Who's using them?

    I'd recommend contacting the town to confirm their requirements. I was in Clark and they were somewhat strict. If I did not have that certificate then there would be no CO and sale would be delayed until there was some sort of environment assessment (not sure what they called it). Your town...
  2. Aresab310

    Heat pumps. Who's using them?

    Around 2010 when I was in NJ we converted to natural gas and hired Petro to pull the tank and take the oil, they produced a certificate. The township came and inspected the removal and that the tank was completely cleaned and then witnessed the document. Not sure if it's the same today (or...
  3. Aresab310

    Heat pumps. Who's using them?

    Originally from Clark NJ, moved to VA and now in PA... we bought into a new development in the Poconos this summer to be closer to family again. Our new house has 2 forced air heat pumps, both Goodman, 2.5T for the main/lower level and 2T for the upper level and has a secondary/aux electric...
  4. Aresab310

    Anyone have / had T Mobile?

    Over the years I’ve had ATT, then Verizon and now T-Mobile. They’ve been very reliable for me when I was in NJ, when moved to VA, and now in PA (Poconos). I’m happy with them and have called support a few times and all was resolved. I’ve driven NJ/VA to Florida several times with them and...
  5. Aresab310

    Jim Thorpe area trails?

    If you get bored and don't wind up at the resorts you can stop at West End Regional Park in Saylorsburg on the way home; it's not far from Jim Thorpe or Blue. I recently relocated near the park after 2.5 years in VA near Shenandoah (lots of trails) and 50+ years in central NJ/Union Country...
  6. Aresab310

    Remembering Pele

    Same here, that was an awesome time. He was a hero back then! My family members all felt closer at that time too; at least from my memories!
  7. Aresab310

    Blown Tire, is it done?

    I've had 3 Maxxis Minion FBF/FBR blow off the rims setup tubeless on Mulefit 80 over 3-4 years. All 3 times they were hanging in the garage on my standup rack and not in use. Two of the 3 times I filled out the Maxxis website form, took photos and the tire was replaced under warranty. The...
  8. Aresab310

    Massanutten, VA

    Totally agree with you on the climbing, I’ve been exploring a bit but have not made it to George Washington Nation Forest yet even though my house is technically part of it. I’m about 45 mins from where you are now by Wintergreen. We moved here in May from Clark, NJ. If you do head to...
  9. Aresab310

    Fox float factory, 120mm?

    If it travels too far and hits seat tube at bottom out I've been successful with a trick I learned on MTBR, 8MM plastic washers from home depot. You cut a diagonal slit in the washer and slip over shaft inside the aircan. Something like this but I can't find the exact one...
  10. Aresab310

    Possibly relocating. Looking for opinions.

    Not true for all areas. I can get almost everything near Nelson County VA; great bagels (Harrisonburg actually), real John Taylor Ham in small packages and the roll packaged in cloth in at least 2 supermarkets, and .my local pizza joint is 95% as good as a few in Clark. Even though I've found...
  11. Aresab310

    Possibly relocating. Looking for opinions.

    In April we sold our home in Clark and moved to Nelson County VA (Wine Country) / south Shenandoah area in May; taxes are much lower, people very friendly and there's lots of space. It seems good for retiring too but I have approx. 10 more years before that. We are around the corner from...
  12. Aresab310

    (SOLD) RSD Mayor v5 medium

    I mostly use my fatlike from mid-winter to late march and notice it on the first ride or 2 after coming off the "skinny" then I get used to it. Love having the fatty option; such a monster truck in the woods. I agree with others try a few things and an extra ride or 2 and see if you can make...
  13. Aresab310

    (SOLD) RSD Mayor v5 medium

    Take a look at the IVA cap, if you see a white dot the fork can adjust to at least 120 and maybe 140. They changed to the longer stanchions around late 2019. So STD/EXT or 80-100 / 120-140 should all have the same internals. You may need spacers though. I changed my wifes STD to and EXT...
  14. Aresab310

    34.9 High mount top pull front derailleur 3x

    If you can't find one I donated a bagful of all types of these to 2nd life bikes approx 4 weeks ago, they should have them. Most were dual-pull so high-clamp pull from top or bottom. Moving out of state in a few weeks...can't take it with you!
  15. Aresab310

    Today’s Bike Ride/Fail At Six/Thank you

    Hope you heal up quickly. Good to hear the folks helped you.
  16. Aresab310

    Lewis Morris Conditions

    Agree! Was there as well this AM on the fatty with a good friend.
  17. Aresab310

    What have you done to your bike today?

    This setup guide from Manitou is a great start.
  18. Aresab310

    What have you done to your bike today?

    Put this finishing touches on fatty no 2 and taking it to our new home in Va. We are hopeful to be there permanently by the summer.
  19. Aresab310

    Manitou Mastodon, anyone have one?

    Manitou stuff is really awesome these days! I have a custom tuned Pike RCT3, X-Fusion Sweep Roughtcut HLR (close), and Mattoc/Maston forks. The Manitou has the best damping and is very tunable especially with the IRT (Pro models only). If you need any help, been rebuilding those for years.
  20. Aresab310

    Making money as the pandemic subsides

    Hmm! Then there was the poor guy with Lady Gaga's dogs :rolleyes:
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