2024 Wildcat Ridge WMA Trail TuneUps

We will be at it this week weather permitting. I am thinking we give Tuesday a try this week. 5 o'clock at the trailhead by solar pond. Hopefully we will finish up armoring the bottom of white and move onto somewhere else. Who's in???
I'll be there early to do some trimming and will see you's when I get to the work site.




I trimmed some more of Four Birds and closed down a cheater line while @Wrong Way Dan, @Meatball Mia, @Stef, @Ashcor, @UtahJoe, and Bob finished up the rock armoring.
We are going to give this a shot on Tuesday this week. Weather looks hot so bring some water and big spray. You're going to need it. Let's meet at split rock reservoir at 5 pm. Hopefully we can split up and trim the power lines and down to the river trail.
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It was hot, but we got out and did some trimming anyway. The green power lines near the reservoir and the trail down to the river are all clear. Thanks space cadet @Wrong Way Dan, @Meatball Mia, @Stef, @UtahJoe, and @notcho!
With how dry it has been, that should last a while. Good work. I’m all for tick prevention.

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