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Mayor McCheese
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heading up north for coaching in a two weeks - was hoping to check out Elm...any suggestions/routes/must rides?

Give this a shot:

I think the 2 key/must-do downhills are here. If you follow the loop you'll see that we did one of them (the southern most one on the map) twice. Just be warned that the red Strava line that stops goes into private land. Thus the stopping.

If you have more time than this I can add a tweak to give you 1 more downhill but then you're on the wrong side of the hill towards the end and you have to go up & over again. But this loop as-is should give you a good feel for the park.


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Was able to check out on my drive to Saratoga. Good stuff. Too bad it's 2.75 hours from me though. Would be great to hit Roundtop and Tannersville and make it a weekend.
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