Loose compression adjustment know on Fox Factory Stepcast fork


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Hey, I recently bought a used Fox Factory Stepcast fork with Fit4 damper and 120mm travel from this forum. The fork feels fine but while riding I noticed a rattling sound. Upon inspection I found that the red aluminum compression adjustment knob is loose. I'm sure it is not supposed to be like this. How do you tighten it up? I'm afraid it's going to loosed up even more and eventually fall off in the middle of a ride.
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Don't piss off the red guy
I think that rebound adjuster is held in place by a 2mm hex bolt. Try inserting a long 2mm hex key down the middle and see if you can find the little bolt to tighten.
I'll give it a shot and report back in case this happens to anyone else. Thanks.


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I had this same issue. Mine fell out on the trail never to be used again. lol


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I've had one break off and the current one bend at the "nipple" that inserts into the fork and essentially acts as the cap to the damper oil.
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