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Despite the showers we got it done. Pardon the phone images. Mick & I did get a bit soaked!
The idea was to open the ground around the drain so as to retain water while the drain does it's thing (slowly).
The rod sticking up in the middle of the hole is the opening to the drain. ( See image) The trail bed is about 40 feet to the left.
The soil we removed was used to fill the runoff erosion channels leading to and across the trail bed.

A portion of the eroded section of trail bed was filled as well. We added a nick to pull water away from the filled section.
YES... it may be a bit squishy for a while until it packs and dries out.
There is plenty of soil available and we will be making further adjustments to the trail bed in the coming weeks.

No more "Hog Bog"!



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