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Ugh, wish I didn't watch this. The first few minutes talking about the kids and family, make it much worse. With the stuff he did, I'm sure the wife knew this was a
possibility... It may be cryptic, but as more details come out, I hope he was doing something crazy when it happened, not just riding along...
I don't think he had the ability to be "just riding along". To a certain extent, he lived by the sword. I hope we all have the opportunity to be doing something that we love and go quickly when our time comes.


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What's really weird is I haven't heard her name in any of the podcasts since she was hurt. Earlier in 2022 she seem like she was on there a lot and seemed like a staple contributor. I liked view points and overall vibe and I'm sure others did as well - strange she just feel out with no mention.
Something fishy there.
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Yeah, did they ever say what Alicia was doing when she wrecked?
Great listen. It sounds like she went down hard riding some really big jumps (and with some wind conditions too). When Levy said if it was only a 20-30ft set she would have been fine I'm guessing they were quite large. I don't remember the name of the event tho (some concussions myself over the years).

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