Spokane Washington/Coeur d’Alene/northern Idaho mountain biking?


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I’m going up to Moscow Idaho/Pullman Washington for a work trip in mid-July and figured I’d tack on a few extra days to ride and explore over there. Has anyone ever been and have trail recommendations?


I’ve never ridden out there, but I follow someone in Spokane, and the riding looks awesome. Beacon hill especially.
Beacon hill is awesome as is the riding off the Bluff and Mt Spokane. Take a day to head to Idaho for some runs down Silver Mountain. Went there years ago and loved it.


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Don't know much about the area except for driving through Couer d'Alene and thinking it was one of the most beautiful places in the US.


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I skied out at Schweitzer Mountain in northern Idaho in February. On the plane, the girl next to me mentioned Coeur d' Alene and how nice it was. While driving from Spokane, I saw the sign and decided to take a detour there. Don't think you can mountain bike around the lake but if your up for a nice hike, you won't be disappointed.
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