Strictly METAL

Steve Vai

Endurance Guy: Tolerates most of us.
Biohazard brought it!! First time in a legit hardcore pit in quite a while, where we were in the front section you didn’t have a choice 😂

Also, I’m always surprised for how good Megadeth is, they always put on the most boring shows. Temu absolutely shreds though.







Fourth Party
Good times for sure, I think Jim was in the VIP pit, I was in the normal guy pit 😀 Such a good time singing and dancing. I only took two pics, one of our spot watching the games in Oceans, and another of my friend Michael with Evan from Biohazard. Great night!
My friend- Walt, take a pic
Walt, take a pic
Walt, take a pic
Evan- i was hoping nobody would recognize me (laughing)
Us- you were just on stage for an hour in basically the same outfit, maybe switch it up a bit 😂
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