Unnecessary forum patch - 7/18/2024

testy again test test test.

Nothing bit text garble on Windows 11/Chrome
nope. Chrome browser.

seems like its converting your URL or the pic into some jibberish automagically.

Chrome is up to date
Version 108.0.5359.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It is the url in google photos. Besides it not working, it isn't encoded/decoded correctly on some Systems hence the gibberish. Others get the - sign.
Couple things happening -

The site transitioned to new hardware 3 months back - Kinda left everything the way it was other than enabling push notifications.

It is time for a forum s/w patch - which also requires some underlying utilities to be updated.

Not sure when it will get done, as i've been sleeping better.
But it will -

I believe there is an issue with email notifications right now - will see what i can do about that.
Forum is updated to the latest version -
hoping this addresses some of the weird behavior.
probably not....

This may have fixed the image-paste issue.
I see some other weird behavior, like jumping to the top of the page when pasting/posting.
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Hey All -

Updated to the latest and greatest forum software.
They updated a few things that broke our local customizations.

I'll be working to get it back today - will probably take a bit.

Other than a couple visual differences (missing banner - links moved)

let me know what else is broken...
So the ⚡️ brings you to “What’s New” and clicking the text “New Posts” at the bottom goes to What’s New. That’s what ⚡️ used to do also.
So the ⚡️ brings you to “What’s New” and clicking the text “New Posts” at the bottom goes to What’s New. That’s what ⚡️ used to do also.

It works fine on the laptop. This is a mobile specific problem.
I click the lightning ⚡️ at the top


if I shrink the laptop page down small enough, it uses the icons rather than words, and that's when the unexpected behavior happens.
This also broke when they did the last big upgrade - I'll find it....
Now why is it rendering the MTBNJ logo in compact size on the desktop?
Killin' me smalls. 😉
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