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  • Dan

    If you need help organizing or any help in general please let me know. I plan on doing Fri - Sunday this year with the whole family so please keep me in the loop.

    Sounds good Brad! I'll let you know if I need anything.
    Hey Dan, I am going to be riding allamuchy tom around 10:30, any chance you'll be there and can show me and a friend around? my number is 201-655-1675
    Hey Dan,
    Never been back there before, but definitely an awesome ride!

    I Appreciate that. Intervals are definitely the way to get faster, just never done interval training on the bike, only running. The warm up is key, as it sometimes takes me forever to get loose. Have a good weekend! See ya next week...
    Hey there. I am right in East Stroudsburg. Bulldog was my second race... and totally fun. I typically ride north Jersey.. Have you been to Camelback? there are some great trails and wicked climbs. I'm running a team now w/ some of my girls.. I didn't know Mt. Valley had a team :)
    Are you doing the DH 40? if so, c-ya there!
    I do ride road, I might have passed you a couple weeks ago by the playing fields on 94. I passed someone who looked like a mt biker. I can ride in the evenings most nights. Let's try to get a ride in next week. What days are best for you?
    I was going to get over there last year but never did. Are you available in the evenings? Something like 4 or 5 pm?

    Do you road ride at all?
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