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  • Manny,
    One of my guys said he has a crisp $50 bill he would give ya' for that GameSTop card....CASH!

    Efinger Sporting Goods
    Manny, I'm would need nothing shorter than 330mm on that post... I'm close by so we can link if you have something

    Hey Manny,
    No rush, but are you interested in the fork? Got a few other offers and one who wants to pickup today - but you have dibs! Let me know🙂
    hey man great ride man you have really got some skillz! i love ridin with people that are better its pushes you to try new stuff aka phantom drop im always down to ride this is my cell 732 322 6835 hitme up whenever.
    I here you man......we will have to get you set for a demo. call me mon and i will check on that road bike.
    9732914163. i am closing the store on jan 27th for 2wks...,.going to fla to ride some sweet single track and a few road rides by the beach. take to ya soon.....
    ride on dude

    Not bad..Hope to ride later today @ Allaire. Planning on hitting Chimney on Sunday. Let me know if your intersested.
    Going to build up a new bike....
    Niner SIR9. Gonna start single but probably wind up 1x9
    Yo..Whats up..
    Do you remember the name of the guy w the light blue niner that rodr at six mile w us
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