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Open to bikes, but really boring, close to work so went there for a biyf ride
There are some trails off the path, but not very interesting. Good Sunday ride with the inlaws


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I have used this a few times on both road bike with 28mm tires, and also on MTB to connect to Dickerson Mine from Chester area. The Trail (West Morris Greenway) gets a bit boggy near the Chester end and it much drier about 5 miles North where it crosses Pleasant Hill Road. I haven't taken the off shoot trails yet, some of which seem to go up towards the shot gun range, or connect with Patriots Path towards Randolph and on to Lewis Morris Park and Morristown.


Not super exciting but a good connector. You can string together some super long rides. It's part of the West Morris Greenway. I would just ride Dickerson Mine. ;)

Would you happen to have a strava file example? I'm trying to hit every nj park listed here that I've never been to this year and it's gonna require some bundling, especially parks north and south.


Well I hit it after Dickerson mine and it seemed to be mostly patriots path. I found a trail that climbed the ridge on the other side of the "river" - got to the top and ran into hunters (it was also past 5:30) so turned around and headed back down. Anything else to see here?


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