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Ran to a local car show and back yesterday at an authentic 50's drive-in. Since moving to the South it was probably the most deliverance thing I've been to.

Few photos but one thing to note is there were two 64/65 Ford Falcons, one of which was a Ranchero. Which is odd since last weeks' car show also had two 64/65 Falcons that I posted previously, one of which was a Ranchero. So there's 4 Falcons in this area, I hardly see them anymore.

Funny talking to the guy with the white one I was asking what was up with the 65 taillights and 64 grill. Said I'm the 2nd person to ever notice/mention that and said he swapped the taillights.

Also when you see a 60's Camaro vs 70's Camaro, it's like cool 60's muscle car vibe vs redneck mobile.

I know @UtahJoe would appreciate the VW. I actually see tons of them on the roads here...

2023-09-02 16.50.41.jpg2023-09-02 16.55.59.jpg2023-09-02 16.58.56.jpg2023-09-02 17.01.01.jpg
Made the first and the now the last Somerville Cruise Night. A local show that attendance changes every week.
3 Wheel Motion

Take a guess on the owner, who was ready to pounce on any question related to the car.

Twin Twin Turbos


Tucked off Main Street


And Best in Show. Perfect amount of patina on this Mississippi River Boat.


Just got back from 8 days in Iceland. Not a car-lovers paradise though I understand there's a pretty big classic car group in Reykjavik. Unfortunately, we missed their C&C-equivalent by a few days.

I must tip a hat to my sweet Kia CEED rental. 6MT. Had a little 4 cylinder turbo engine that was laughably gutless off the line but otherwise pretty decent. The highest speed limit in Iceland is 90kph so you don't have much need for power! Damn thing returned 48mpg over a 400 mile tank. Gas is about $9/gallon (I asked my daughter to convert it and her initial reaction was that she must have made a mistake). It had a very good steering assist. It required a hand on the wheel but I was surprised at how it made long, boring drives more relaxing.

Check out the road - once outside Reykjavik, you drive km after km on narrow shoulder-less roads. Often the slope off the side is such that if you break down, you would just have to sit in the middle of the road. I was alarmed to see a fair number of bike-packers on these roads but when I happened to run into a couple from Oregon, they told me that drivers were exceptionally courteous.


Euro car rental reminder: go over every square inch of it when you pick it up! I thought I did, only to have the guy find 5 tiny chips on the windshield when I brought it back. The kind you can't even fix. YGBSM. There's no way it happened while I had the car. Eventually, his boss told me it was OK. I had about 20 pics of the car from picking it up but not of the windshield...

Outside of Reykjavik, I saw ONE sporty car in 6 days, this tuner-special Civic Type-R. Sweet wing bro! Even in Reykjavik, I saw almost nothing sporty. A couple lightly modified Golfs. ONE Porsche (a Cayenne). A few BMW SUVs but zero cars.


What I did see was several of was these crazy monster Excursions with 475/70-17 tires. I assume they drive them out on glaciers. No pics, but it was not unusual to see SUVs and pick-ups with similarly sized tires and air lines for on-the-go pressure changes.

This thing was particularly bad-ass.


Saw this Mustang in Reykjavik. No pedestrians were harmed. The US Air Force has a base - I wonder if it was a service-member.

I feel like I hardly saw any old cars driving around over the weekend, and I didn't really see much of anything coming down 10 the other day. I wonder if most people skipped it.
its $50 to show up for the day with your car....or $35 to just be a spectator....It takes maybe 45min to walk around and see all of the cars. And its the same cars every year that I have gone. Not worth the money IMO. I was saying in the other thread....So I have to pay MORE money for me to bring my car that you will then charge money for other people to look at......why am I doing that exactly? I much prefer the cruise nights or cars and coffee things....less shitty 50s music too 🙂
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