Does anyone use a 29 wheel set


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Just curious if anyone here rides fat but also has a dedicated 29x 2.3-2.6 ish wheel set for their fat bike??
I’m really trying hard to talk myself out of buying my dream bike,

“Turner nitrous titanium”

So I’m wondering if maybe, just maybe I can be just as satisfied with a regular light weight 29x 2.5-6
wheel set and keep my quiver killer.
If anyone out there has a 150 front and 197 rear “regular” 29 wheel set maybe we can meet up and I can try it out and buy you a beer or three or lunch or dinner. I would appreciate it and I think it would be a valuable investment in time instead of money. Thanks
I have two forks. The Bluto and a brand new manitou Mastodon. I have been using the Bluto this winter with the winter wheel set.
(4.8 Jumbo Jim’s) I had it up for sale before but with the new charger 2 damper and 120mm air shaft it works really well

Keeping the new fork (Mastodon) for trail riding spring and summer. With that said, I have a light wheel set running 4.0 Jumbo Jim’s but I find myself wondering how much faster I will be in Michigan trails that I will be heading to this summer on a different narrow 29 wheel set.

Could retire this summer, could buy the bike now, could save that money for more travel and enjoy what I have blah blah blah. Things that go through my head

As the bike stands today. 24 mile ride on the bluto and big wheel set today


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The bike has been with me through some hard times,..
Bought it in 2015. Titanium frame
Been a trusty steed. Was my main cardiac rehab after by pass surgery.
But I can’t stop wondering how a Turner Nitrous titanium with 11 speed would be for when I go traveling out west in Colorado Utah California New Mexico blah blah blah with a fat bike or a steed better suited for that terrain with a dropper, which I have yet to graduate to.
Would I run out of gears for gravel rides. Dave Turner says it will not fit a 2x drive trail as much as he tried to spec one out ( he’s a fan of 2x like me).
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Damn that’s a $4000 dollar answer at least. I guess I should start unloading the redundant fat bike items on here first to raise money for the next build. Lol. One wheel set and one of the forks.
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I have a 29x3 fat bike wheel set.
Have new rubber for them too.
Only have a few rides on them, cause it isn't more fun than the hard tail

You are welcome to give them a go
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Same here, 29x3.0 on 155/197. I do like my mukluk with its summer wheels, I use it when I need to carry stuff around as I keep a rear rack on the fat bike. Other than that it overlaps with a couple of other bikes so it doesn’t see much use.
Will add one more note - i took the suspension fork off the fatbike.
With less sidewall, 29+ is too rough running rigid - so you'll want to set-up one of your forks.

Also - The wheels have a sram XD driver body, so that might not work -

I may have an 11speed GX mini group for sale tho.
Yeah my bike runs 10 speed HG. All good.
I think, like mentioned above, that I’m just gonna get the right tool for the job…….. eventually.

I’ll start sourcing out parts this next holiday season for the new Turner frame. Should have the new bike sorted by next spring break 2025. A retirement gift for myself.
Thanks again for the offer. Good on ya.
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