Five Ten Kestrel size 10 mens $40


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For sale we have a pair of Five Ten Kestrel shoes, mens size 10/44/28. Black with orange trim.

The shoes are essentially as-new, apart from a bit of storage dust on the uppers and one ding on the left shoe’s midsole (pictured). There are no marks on the soles, only slight evidence of cleats being mounted.

No box.

I purchased these from a forum member for $40, as potential backups to my current Kestrels, but never used them. I’m just looking to get back what I put into them.

Located in Monmouth County. Can meet at Allaire, Hartshorne, or other mutually convenient location.


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I have this model, great price. XC shoes stiffness with the benefit of flat with the right pedals.


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these would be great and match my bike if I didnt have to cut off all my toes to wear them. great deal.


Come on people, these were worn by Chris G.! Someone has to have a collection of celebrity memorabilia. Sadly 3 sizes too small for this Wookiee. GLWS brother.
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