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Ok, back to the original post. Going counter clockwise on blue isn't bad, it goes up and down.

Going up green kinda sucks (don't listen to Jim) since green down is really fun, and the closest WC has to flow.

Oreland down is the correct answer, but to do a loop as you planned WITH Oreland down, you do miss a lot of fun down.

With a Bronson, New Way Down would be really fun, I think it's Red Meriden Trail North on Trailforks. Very chunky downhill with some impressive rock gardens at the bottom. You would then finish on blue.

Snake Hill side. Shotgun (Hermod/Hudsonia) can go either way although I prefer it from Snake Hill to the soccer field. As GraveyardBill said, you can climb up Mjolnir but it's a very short DH after. You get more bang for your buck the other way.

So. The most efficient loop (as you correctly mapped out) may not be the funnest. OTOH, it is convoluted to try and integrate Oreland down into all this. So it depends on if you want to try and hit everything, or get a little more DH.

Hope this makes sense.


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I have an enduro layout but it takes about 20miles to hit it all. If you left from my house...
1) Down part of Beach Glenn (blue) east towards race track.
2) Mjolnir (ends before telemark brook).
3) Hudsonia Overlook to Hermod
4) Part of KDM woods road (from Upper Hibernia to stream - short one)
5) Odins Ladder (down - duh)
6) White From HW to bridge
7) New Way Down (red from HW)

I've was in the process of doing the whole thing and broke a wheel. I was at 14 miles & 2000ft when I got to #6 and noticed the issue. I needed to recalibrate cuz if I actually did this as a Strava challenge it will be 20 miles and everyone except @UtahJoe would probably hate me.

I left out Orange down, the White just above Upper Hibernia to the Spine (fun and fast segment), Yellow from power lines to stream, Old Koehler Road Down. I'm sure I will remix this. Plan on some fight club shit in March.

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