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Hi all. Planning out a ride and couldn't find the current best route for connecting Ringwood to Sterling. Fairly certain it will involve a little bit of road riding, but is all road from the bottom of Cooper Union to the bottom of Redback?


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I thought they were building through to Scott Mine Rd - but maybe covid stopped it?


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Bottom of Cooper Union...you can either cross the road and hit the short single track to the right or make a right on Sterling Mine Rd and then left on Long Meadow. Either way you want to get to Long Meadow, right onto Eagle Valley, stay right, then left on South Gate through the golf course.

Basically the answer to your question is yes, it's mostly road. Memory says it feels a bit uphill overall towards Sterling and a bit downhill back towards Ringwood, but that's my memory. Roads are really quiet after Sterling Mine; it's a nice cruise.


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It’s pavement from Sterling Mine Rd. to South Gate parking lot. A new route has been loosely mapped out, which will eventually take you from Cooper Union toward McKeags Medow parking area. The new section of Sterling has to be completed first, then there needs to be approval from the state. Oh, and they also need to secure land access through the Jehovah's Witnesses World Headquarters.

It’s going to be a while. 😐

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