Trunk Rack - 2 or 3 Bikes


The below models will fit my vehicle. I'm leaning towards the ones in bold but if you have something you wish to part with I'm not picky. Just tired of driving around with my trunk half open as my rear seats don't fold down. :(

Saris Bones RS
Saris Bones (3 Bike)
Saris Bones (2 Bike)

Saris Guardian 3
Yakima LittleJoe3
Yakima SuperJoe3
Yakima KingJoe3
Yakima QuickBack3
Yakima SuperJoe2
Yakima KingJoe2
Yakima QuickBack2
I can't view the pic of the vehicles that it is good for but if it fits a 1999 Nissan Maxima then I will take it.
I just saw it's good until 1992 which seems that is when it was made so who knows about models after that. I would be willing to meet up, see if it fits and if it does then I'll take her.
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