WTB - Vigilante & Trail Boss


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Just mounted up a set of these on my Switchblade, replacing the Ass-Guy and DHR2 both in Maxterra. I got the Vigilante in light, high grip and the Trail Boss in Tough fast rolling. The DHR2 was loosing the side knobs after only a few months of usage so I wasn't going down that road again. First ride with the new setup was at Jungle, so lots of rocks, roots, some wet, lose, just about everything you could throw at a set of tires. Only took about a mile for them to really start to shine. Grip for days on everything and I mean everything, very surprised at the grip the fast rolling rear had. The front was so grippy it was throwing sand and small pebbles out in front of the tire, lots of confidence there!! The best part was how fast they were compared to the Maxxis setup, step on the pedals and they took off. Was very surprised for a tire that is on the heavier side. They ride great too, a very nicely damped feel to them unlike the Maxxis pinging. So for anybody looking to sample some new rubber, I highly recommend these. Will see how they wear as the miles add up.


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I had the same setup on one of my hardtails and it was great. In fact that's how that bike was equipped from the bike manufacturer as they knew how to spec it out based on the type of riding the bike was designed to do.


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I love my Vigilante (2.5 light/high grip). It’s a highly underrated tire that works very well in NNJ lower NY. Hands down better than the DHF in the off chamber and flatter technical turns. Turns well at any angle…just a great tire IMHO.

I am switching my Bontrager XR4 (pretty worn after one season but a very solid performer) on the rear to the Trail Boss.
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