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  • Hey Brian this is Rich, we met the other day at 6 mile.
    Brian Snyder
    Brian Snyder
    Hey! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, l don't go online much.
    Good to see you too man! I haven't been able to ride much of late as work and the weather conspire to slowly drive me insane but, when I get out there, I hope to see you too.
    Hey! Great to catch up with you at last night's ride. Saturday's not looking good right now, but I'll let you know if anything changes. : )
    Sorry you had to miss last Tuesday's ride. Unfortunately, the weather's not looking so hot for this week. : (
    haha...The ice skating will definitely be a fun time if you've never been! Jason and Mare are talking about getting a day going. I guess it all depends on the weather.
    Thanks again, Brian (sorry for the spelling on the board). Your tips really helped out a lot. I can't wait to put them into action again soon. Looks like we might have some biking and skating in the future! : ) K
    Brian...I really appreciate all the great pointers!!!!

    I had an awesome time!

    It was a pleasure meeting you, let your wife know I would be glad to talk...
    Ken and I are just back from Hartshorn and it looks good to me. I and Ken are probably bringing the dualies but a bunch of folks are riding SS and it may be that kind of day. I am posting up on MTBNJ so keep an eye on that.
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