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  • I'm looking to do a mtb ride Fri. morn at either Clayton or the Pines.
    Let me know.
    Thanks Man! A tour would be great. Maybe one night this week if you have time.
    Let me know what works best for you and we'll figure something out.

    Hello Ernie,Thankyou for the directions link.I read sandmans post sounds good.I will be there as long as work shedule works out.As of now all looks good.
    Thanks. She's not due for another 4 weeks but her doctor says she may deliver a week early.
    Yeah dude, I had a great time. Hope you are OK. I turned around and saw the whole thing happen...WICKED man!

    I look forward to joining you all on that ide some more. Awesom trails!
    Road ride on Sat. 10/10. Same as last time...50 + or so. In? Called last night, nobody home, will try again.
    Hi Anne yes it's me. I thought you knew i was on the board. I got the new frame to replace the one I broke. Hopefully I'll get to ride it with you real soon.
    Hey FiftyFixe,

    Would this be Ernie? I'm guessing, we share the same friends and favorite riding places. See you on the trail real soon!
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