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  • Hey I saw you posted that you had two good loops to ride in VA George Washington trails. Could you send me the GPS files?
    I hate to be that guy, but......Any way I can still register for the Men's Sport Category for the Stewart 45 this weekend? Did the 909 this past weekend and have that itch again.
    Hello, not trying to be a pain in the ass but I tried contacting you almost 2 months ago about getting my points transferred to cat 2 40-49 from cat 2 30-39.and I got no response. H2H said they can do nothing until promoter changes on their end. There is less than 2 weeks until end of season and was hoping to have this rectified.Please just let me know if anything is possible to help me out. Thank you, Brad hargis
    Hello Norm, I dropped you a message on the "conversation" let me know if you received it, I think it's the right way per the wiki description.
    Happy Bbirthday Norm! Thanks for all you do for us with this site!
    Ed and Pat Gifford
    the Snot Rocket tandem
    Norm, I have 2 computer desks (metal frame with black particle board tops... ikea like) one is small and one is larger alond with a red plastic desk chair on wheels. If your interested shoot me your number or email and I'll send some pics. I also have access to printer paper boxes, 17"x9"x10" lxwxh with lids. while they're on the small size, they hold a lot of weight and with the lids are stackable... I think I have 10 of them.

    Happy Birthday Norm! and many more. Thanks for all you do for us on this site! Enjoy your day and Happy Thanksgiving.
    Ed and Pat Gifford
    the Snot Rocket tandem
    Hi Norm,
    I'll be up at camp full time for another week running our first ever mountain biking week. Should be fun and perhaps exhausting. Anyway, if you need some help with the race let me know. If you have decided on the format/length of laps I could assist in laying out the course and begin to clear the trails or scout reroute opportunities. If you planned on going into Allamuchy did you secure the permit yet?
    Had a good meeting with Norm (JORBA) today and it seems like everything is starting to come together and we should expect to have one hell of a weekend on bikes! Perhaps a closed FB group page could assist in preparing for the race?
    Norm, hope alls well. I'm interested in getting more involved with trail maintanence as well as building with the mtb crew. Would you be able to put me on the distribution tht you have or is ta all one via the boards?

    I ask as I haven't seen much on hee lately with regards to trail work. Thanks in advance n happy n healthy "12".
    Hey man quick question..Is there any mtbnj stickers floating around I could purchase? I'm back riding after a year off, someone stole my bike. Hope tp join some group rides. Have a good one and thanks. Carl C.
    hey man i cant make a post yet and i am desperate to sell my front fork. craigslist and i all ever have gotten there is scams and spam. it is a fox 40 rc2 if theres any way you could help with getting the word out i would be more than happy to pull my weight and somehow return the favor. i knwo you send pointless crap to the garbage heap but i am in a huge bind in life atm, and it would be much appreciated any help.
    so a cryptic envelope full of stickers shows up at the home of my ex' the other day. She calls me wanting to know what mall I've been sleeping behind and the eplanation went about as well as you would expect. Cheers big ears.
    "I race with them and try to decimate them and make them hurt. I give them gifts that way."

    Classic LOL'd you have a strange way of making friends...
    Happy Birthday even though you made no mention of mine, but that's what seperates me from you! : )
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