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  • Jim it was good to ride with you again. The last time we rode 6 mile together was indeed 5 years ago. January 10 2010. You lost your camera on that ride but someone found it and returned the next day.
    Thought I saw you approaching me in hartshorne this morning. But it was just another guy with glasses on an inbred. Oh and he was Asian also.
    Hey, what are you going to do with your stupid 29er "race bike" now that you're back on the on-one?
    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    May 2010 bring many Miles of Smiles in your cycling adventures. See you out there on the trais...Matt
    wanna go ride sometime, im in bergen county area and need somene else to ride with, ringwood, ramapo, deer park, wherever
    cool man i hit up your site ( cant remember what its called ) and you got some good pix up well.............
    so your into music production huh? sweet i went ot fullsail but ive been out of the industry since 02 would love to get bak into it
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