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JORBA: Wildcat/Splitrock
Be aware that the bridge on the Splitrock Loop South (Dark Blue) is not structurally sound and should not be ridden across.
To clarify, this bridge is located at the intersection with Righter Mine ( Green). It was installed several years ago by members of the NYNJTC and used fallen tree trunks located on site as the main structural members. The main supports have now deteriorated and begun to fail. A portion of the bridge has already collapsed.

The NYNJTC has asked for our assistance (JORBA) in replacement of the bridge, and so we are looking for those who would be willing to help out.
Please contact me though normal channels or "wildcat at jorba dot org" to sign up.

Broken bridge_Oct 2019_Wildcat.jpg
bridge out SRL.jpg


JORBA: Wildcat/Splitrock
This is going to take awhile. I'm waiting for word from the TC that they got the permit which is needed due to it crossing a recognize stream. Also, I need to finish the wider bridge at the bottom of new way down first. That I could use help with now....I'll start another thread for that.


JORBA: Wildcat/Splitrock
Well it looks like this is back on the "to do" list. There is a permit, and the NYNJTC and DEP would like JORBA to replace the bridge.

This is a good opportunity for us and I'll need help to complete the project. Hope some of you can contribute.

First stage will be to get lumber from the drop off by the dam to the bridge site. Lots of carrying.


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Probably do 4 people per with a pair of slings?
should weigh in around 225 lbs. according to this chart

I have a bunch of 12" galv carriage bolts to donate.

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