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  • My pms don't seem to b working give me a call at602-476-3750 and we can work out a meet over the weekend...thx Bill
    Ok, there are two "clinton road area" options: If you park at the dirt lot just past the "Project USE", and ride into the gate of Project USE, you'll go up a dirt road (Old Coal) that will be the one that we rode briefly in between Thirsty Dog and Splitrock. The other option is to drive past that lot, go past the Bearfort Waters lake, and take a left on Cherry Ridge up that road till it turns to dirt. If you have a high clearance vehicle, you can drive up to the Ferber dirt circle. From there you can access a few trails: Kiosk (which you were on and leads to the Wall trail), Porcupine, and Banker.

    This is the most recent map I've seen, but again, Thirsty Dog, Buddha, Splitrock, Mojo, Gasline bypass, Fishermans are not on here (and Pickle is misnamed Fishermans on this map):

    See my other note...may be we can hook up for another ride in a week or two?
    Great ride Sunday! Do you know where I can get a map that includes all the trails we rode? We parted ways after the trail called the wall or kiosk? We took the fire road out. Could you tell me what our loop wa up to that point?


    If I park off Clinton road, what trail does that put me near? Also what is the road off Clinton, cherry ridge?
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