Group Ride Allamuchy/Stephen's Saturday 6/15

It is torrential here at Hartshorne... if you need to cancel due too wet trails.. How early can you do it? ( it's a two hour drive from here.. 🙂 )
Not much here by Chimney Rock but I just checked my beach house cam at Sandy Hook and my road is flooded again. Anyone live near Mooch for an update?
Come join us for a group ride at Allamuchy/Stephen's State Park!

The fun kicks off at 9am, this coming Saturday, 6/15. For the advanced mountain bikers, we have Allamuchy rides, which promises more elevation and bigger rocks. For those looking for a chill flow ride we also have Stephen's, which is more accomodating for intermediate riders. By popular demand we also have an Ebike ride going out, charge up the battery and join in.

The ride leaders hit the best-of what the park has to offer, just pick a ride and enjoy the trails. We'll have different paced groups going out but given the elevation, and rocks, these parks are not beginner friendly.

6/15 Saturday- Allamuchy/Stephen's Ride
Park at Earthworm lot.

Post up if you can make it, or if you have any questions.
In for Stephens e-bike
@pooriggy great lad
Thanks all!


Mooch got me but I got the mooch too!
See you in a few years!

I did this for the 1st time like 15 years ago when I was younger and dumber. 2nd time yesterday. My legs shivered afterwards and it looks smaller on video ALWAYS 😂 Thanks for the vid!

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