Nockamixon, PA

better than Pennypack? and it is it worth the extra drive?

I'm not a good judge -- I've never been a big fan of Pennypack (not enough variation and too much poison ivy!) But Pennypack is a bigger park. Nocamixon only has about nine miles of trail, and you would usually do two laps for a good ride. It's worth it for the novelty, but probably not as a regular thing. The nice thing about Nocamixon is that it's so well built (you could almost say "overbuilt") that it's worth it just to appreciate how well those Valley MTB guys know their sh*t. I'd recommend it if you want a fun two hour ride (two laps) and then afterward you can hit up one of our many fine local adult beverage establishments in the Bucks County area! 😀
Totally agree PP has really no signature trail, it's all pretty generic albeit still fun. I think we did about 14 miles when we went last week. Nox and Neshaminy are on my list to hit.

I do Haycock and Eastern clockwise the rest counter, still a little mud in the same places that it is to be as of yesterday. Parking lot does load up at times, it does get a good lot of riders so the mud does get push around. The food off 611 isn't that great. Get down into Lumbertville the General Store across form the Black Bass. Lambertville or the Pine Tavern in Pineville. They are right about not much miles to get, but not bad if you are taking the lady with ya.
You can hit up High Rocks on the way, not that far from Nocks.
Got out to Nocamixon last night for a ride and the conditions were the absolute best I've ever seen there. Almost no mud at all and the fortifications seem to be settling really well right now (going over the rock sections, they weren't hopping up and all over the place this time.) Jaywalk was especially fun last night -- just super fast and flowy.

It's still only about a nine miles loop, but anyone who has been thinking of trying it out, now's a pretty good time to go!
I was at nocks today and the second i turned on the road at the turkey hill the sky opened up on me , after sitting in the parking lot for 15 minutes as it poured , i realized the best course of action would be the drive the 40 minutes back home. This is the second time its happened to me in the past month
Nox has a nice packed blanket of snow on it right now. I've been there each of the last three days. I would say it is Fat-bike only at this point. I am able to ride a complete loop on the big tires. Struggling on some lesser traveled trails and through drifts but able to ride. Someone was out on a reg MTB during the thaw and was struggling.

Ride Data

Temps all day Friday and Saturday morning looks to be good. After that, thaw and then we hit the reset button.

Do me a favor and stay away when above freezing over the weekend. If snow remains light on Sunday/Monday, I'll be happy to continue packing it down.
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Anyone been out here in the a.m. while temps are still below freezing? Ridable or slop? And if it is ridable, skinny or fat?
Hi all, doesn't have it posted right on the main page, but the closure is announced in the forum, which admittedly isn't used much.

There was tons of fatbike usage as conditions permitted over the winter, but last week they said it is closed to ALL until further notice- the best place to find updates is by following Ridenox on Facebook, or in the Nockamixon trail conditions page on forums.
The trails re-opened yesterday. We did all of them, starting at Cold Spot to Hammer trail then continuing the entire counterclockwise loop back to the parking lot. Conditions were beautiful with just a couple of muddy patches here and there until we got to the gnomes. After that frequent thick big sloppy mud areas. Bump track was a mud bath. We tried to minimize our impact in those areas but whoever was there before us already made a mess. It looks like it should be better in a couple of weeks.
While the website and FB page say the trails are open, a group of us went there yesterday morning and ran into a group just finishing a ride - bikes covered with mud. So we bagged it and went to High Rocks State Park instead.
Just an FYI for post-Nox food and drink we usually go to Bucks Country brewery (there's usually a food truck there) in Plumsteadville, Free Will Brewing in Perkasie or The Ship Inn (a good brewpub) in Milford, NJ.
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