What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?


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Just finished a Gnomegang by Ommegang..highly recommend. Cracking a Trois Pistoles by Unibroue.

You roll in luxury! How would you describe that Gnomegang? (Anything to compare it to?) I've never had an Ommegang I didn't like, so likely wouldn't be disappointed no matter what it's like. I'm not usually a Pale Ale guy, but the ones I have liked have all been Belgian Strongs, so just wondering what this one might compare to.


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Just enjoyed a Fuller's ESB from the UK. Hadn't had one of those in years since I was at the Ship Inn years ago.


Tried a new Guinness Black Lager beer.It was good not great.The women around seemed to like it better than the stout.Its a lager beer made with roasted oats to give it the dark color and slight stout taste.I also notice the europeans are changing to a 11.2 oz bottle.Aren't they breaking import laws?

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Blue Point Pumpkin Ale. Usually not into these type of beers but was in the mood. It's actually very good. Cheers!


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Dogfish Head Sah'tea

Pretty good. No head but some really interesting flavors. Definitely taste the Juniper. Too bad it was 15 bucks. I guess small batches are $.
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