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  • Hey Luke! Matty Bender pointed me in your direction to help me with getting some a banner ad up on mtbnj. I sent you a copy through FB. I sized it to 468x60. Let me know if its good to go. Thanks for your help. Dan
    Luke, I'm at work. When you have a second shoot me a text at 732.713.9072. I will give you call tonight.
    Hi Luke, hope CO was awesome. You had recommended a tire to me a few weeks back. Can't remember what it was. You have any idea?
    Can you write? I am making a contributer based magazine for our area focused on photogaphy
    Hey Luke - posted a photo of you and Maria from before the JORBA ride - its somewhere in the JORBAfest unofficial thread...if you can't find it/want me to send it to you, just let me know. Great riding with the both of you!
    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    May 2010 bring many Miles of Smiles in your cycling adventures. See you out there on the trais...Matt
    dude this first ride of martys night might me cancel w/ rain... if so you wanna meet on thursday 2nd of apirl instead ? Evan M
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