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There may be a post hidden somewhere...but...

We'll be up visiting family in July - and want to hit Cady Hill (Finally!). I found this route on Trailforks - any comments?

Or...if someone has a great route to share, would be appreciated!
Both routes are great. If you're not feeing Von Trapp, I highly recommend Idletyme Brewing Company. Nice menu, outside seating and the Stowe path rides right behind outside seating. Enjoy
I think the big loop is a lot to bite off. It rides a lot longer than 17-18 miles. I prefer those parks independent of each other.

Cady is fun but I’d do this:

1. Get to Flo
2. Ride upper & lower Flo
3. Go up Snake
4. Do Flo again
5. Repeat steps 3&4
6. Make your way back to the car on Upper & Lower Bear

Park where Bear ends, not at the shop.

I’m 100% serious. Cady Hill is a fun system but the gold is Flo. They put a lot of effort making that trail awesome. And it truly is awesome. The other trails are fine & not really worth going out of your way for.

Adams Camp is great also. Park at the covered bridge and do it clockwise. Do it clockwise! They built some new stuff up there I’m looking to hit in 3-ish weeks.

Post your results!
Agreed on doing flo several times. that trail is awesome. That trail system is really fun.

Stowe is great in general. There is just something about that place, not sure exactly what “it” is, but Stowe’s got it.

Do the pinnacle hike while you’re there, awesome view. Moss glens falls is very cool also. The bistro at 10 acres was really good last time I was there.
Thanks for the advice! We are most likely going to be there an evening and the next day so we can hopefully check out Adams too. Hubby has declared he likes flow so will hit Flo as many times as he wants!
I was just up there this weekend. Rode here on Saturday and hit Flo twice. Definitely the pinnacle trail there. So much fun!!!
I do what @Norm says when I'm riding Cady Hill - although I'll take a lap thru the old stuff just because that's what I used to ride before Flo was built.

Same with Adam's Camp. Kimmer's is one of my favorite downhill sections. There is plenty to explore in that area and like Norm said there is more stuff that was built (it was under construction when I was there last summer). I hit Haulapalooza for the first time last summer and that's a blast too. You can piggy back to Trapp's easily too (although I've just stayed at Adam's Camp).

Our family house is up on Notchbrook Rd so I'll sneak thru some stuff, get up to Robinson Springs and up do a little loop around Maple Run (those were the first Stowe trails I rode back in the mid 90's), then find stuff back to Mtn Road short skip to Adam's Camp and then do Hardy's Haul then down Kimmer's and meet the family for dinner at the Matterhorn. If you can get a ride to Maple Run and a pickup at the Matterhorn for a food stop that could be an interesting option. I don't think Maple Run gets much traffic.
Know people have their favorite places to stay but wanted to recommend Cady Hill Lodge.

Newly renovated (still in the works) and close to trails (between Ranch Camp and north parking lot). Access to trails from property too.
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Question about the Trapp trails...are they private? And are they worth riding?
Open to the public. I think they were worth riding. Especially when you can hit the beer garden for post ride pretzels and beer.
You're supposed to pay to ride them. I know a lot of people (clears throat and looks up 1 post) ride them without paying, but yes they are on private land.
I'll blame our local tour guide who took us from Stowe/Cady Hill on an epic ride that linked to Trapp. I think I covered the fee buying beer and pretzels.
I'll blame our local tour guide who took us from Stowe/Cady Hill on an epic ride that linked to Trapp. I think I covered the fee buying beer and pretzels.

Those lower connecting trails are ok, the ones by the high school and such. But in the property itself they are supposed to be off limits.
Hit Cady Hill yesterday. Smaller than I thought but perfect for ride after driving up. Hit Flo twice. Rode just about everything. Much fun.

Perry hill and Adams on deck ..


Not sure how the weather has been up there but do Perry Hill on the dryest day you can. Adams handles rain a bit better of the 2.

Thanks! Dry up here... dodged the storm. Thinking of Adams today and Perry Hill on our way home tomorrow. This also avoids Stowe traffic today
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