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Understanding how my world works and knowing that I will need a three row car in the near future (mom is moving in screw having more kids). Also, we've sworn off future gas car purchases means we're going electric.

The current market(that I know of) has nothing that meets our needs yet, but I wanted to see who owns an EV, what's the maintenance like, what are you keeping an eye on.

Me personally ford lightning is sweet, but if the maverick comes out all electric I'd be sold, also rumors are starting regarding a 25k Tesla hatch that would be a perfect replacement for my Impreza.

I just think we could have an EV thread.
Can't drive them in the rain.

Jk.. I have a eGolf and tell people that all the time. While the Golf is REALLY nice to drive its range is VERY limiting.
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Goog luck with the search. EVs are interesting to me but I'm not ready to swear off ICE yet. For me there needs to be a few more iterations of the battery and charging tech to get close to what any of the current 3 row SUVs can handle. The F-150 caught my eye but the price point for the extended range is prohibitive for me. We have a 2018 w/ 30k on the clock and a 2021 on the way so maybe the EVs will be there when I'm ready to buy again.
In. Wifey's new Telluride fell thru - dealer changed ownership right after we placed our order and they blew it - won't come in by Friday which was the last possible day so they refunded our deposit. Now wifey is thinking about a Tesla X. If she likes it, maybe I can sneak in the plaid upgrade...
Excerpt from an article from approximately 100 years ago. I don’t know what the future holds but I like to think big picture and not short term when it comes to advances in technology. I grew up in the 70s(started real young)and 80s riding 2 stroke dirt bikes. The air back then was filled with all types of interesting fumes. Obviously some people are for EV’s and some are against it. Gas won out more than 100 years ago over steam and electric but there have been some advances in technology since… Imagine if electric would have won out in the early 20th century. Maybe cars and trucks would already be solar powered or some other type zero emission. I like gas and diesel powered vehicles(they sound great and are fun to drive) but know that their days are numbered. Maybe if EVs were gaining popularity 30 years ago I would have yelled, get a horse, ah I mean gas or diesel vehicle. I was stubborn when I was younger but over the past few decades have learned to be more opened minded. The new Ford Mustang Mach E crossover is probably what my wife will get to replace her Acura in a few years. I switched from a Ford Explorer to a Subaru Outback, so continue to pollute the earth for now, but a little less so. 676ED026-5A12-4D9A-B2BA-F7AFAFD9B0F3.png
I don't follow EV news that often, but last I read they still have a shortage on batteries and reuse in them... makes me think of the iRobot scene where the "old robots (e.g. - batteries) go after someone wants a "new" EV car.

Seems like everyone is pushing electric cars these days. The performance that can be had is really good (tesla plaid for instance) but the range is going to be an issue for a long time until the technology and infrastructure catches up for battery capacity and fast charging stations all over the place that charge from 0 to fully charged in a few minutes. But it will come someday, I predict that gas vehicles will be the majority on the road for the next 10-15 years at least. You'll see gas vehicles for many years to come. Eventually I think it will flip and you'll see boutique gas car manufacturers who make gas powered cars for enthiusiasts.

If i was in the market i'd be all over the ford lightning
This is all in the works and changes do not happen overnight for any technology. Heck, look at how much bikes have changed in the past 10-15 years.

As to the Ford Lightning 0-60 is 4.5 seconds…
Can't drive them in the rain.

Jk.. I have a eGolf and tell people that all the time. While the Golf is REALLY nice to drive its range is VERY limiting.

When I had an e-golf, noone even noticed it was electric. Our department head: "hmm...if anyone had an EV, I might be able to get charging stations installed". I had been parking next to him every day for a year...
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