Go fly a kite


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Is kite flying a sport if you ride your bike there?
Season here ends on the 15th.
Forgot the tail and the gloves just didn't do the trick. Still spinning like a top...


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I must have a little Asian in me. I fly kites in LBI every summer.

Oh shit and it’s a dragon kite!


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I remember in middle school my friend and I got a kite and the wind must have been just right at the Tenafly High School ball fields cause we kept on adding and adding spools of string and the thing was like sailing all the way to Demerest. From my recollection it must has been like 400-500 yards away and like a tiny dot. We tried to reel it in but the resistance was too strong and we used a pedal on one of our BMX bikes. The string finally broke and it went into outer space. Fortunately, there was no surveillance equipment onboard.

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They've got big festivals every year in Seaside, and I'll frequently (3-4x a month) see people on the public beach in Ortley flying pretty much year round.

Some of them are gigantic monsters of kites.
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