Anyone been to Stewart recently? Conditions?
I saw this posted today, looks like the trails are in better shape than I would have expected.
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***Status Update 3/11/2021****
Spring is (almost) here and the snow is fading fast! Won't be long before It's all gone. In the meanwhile the trails are a sloppy mess but still a lot of fun. Well, that is if your idea of fun is trying to keep your balance while mud, snow and water gets flown everywhere.

Oh and don't sweat making ruts or "damaging" the trails due to the conditions. The land here at Stewey is uber resilient and always stands up to the beating it takes every spring. Been riding this park for over 20 years and each season it gets better than the last.

Fatbikes and fenders aren't necessary but suggested.
How well does this place handle rain? I'm going to be in the area Saturday morning and with all the rain today and tomorrow, I'm not sure if it's just going to be a mudfest.
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