Things that make you smile :)


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After driving home for 50 minutes with white knuckles and death grip on 78/287 I pulled into the driveway and saw this.

Another view from the red light 15 minutes later on the way to pickup my son from work

The last two pics are a better one from a few weeks ago.

It seems whenever it rains the storms slide from west to east by my house and then as the sun sets we are nearly guaranteed to see this every time.

Pics don’t show well how bright it was for both times.



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Team MTBNJ Halter's

Happy to spectate a Tuesday night cross series. Was regretting not registering once the racing started. @Carson couldn't resist swinging by since it was 5 minutes from his AirBnB.

Awesome having a cross race at a brewery where you can order drinks/food and hangout on picnic tables while the race is happening. Also hilarious seeing mustached hipsters who have been polishing their cowbells and staring at their jorts all year in anticipation.

2023-09-19 18.34.21.jpg


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