The MetsThread

While I didn't waste a minute watching a single game this year which I'm proud of. I did follow along on the box scores. Mets blew any chance last weekend. Clearly Max still is dealing with that injury but I can't blame pitching. Hitters are supposed to hit and that didn't happen. Now to quite the fans management is gonna let Degrom walk and throw tons of money at judge which I think is not a favorable deal in my opinion.
I like to take the positive outlook. My niece is now old enough to be a real fan and appreciate games. I think this was just the kind of year all young Met fans need to understand the legacy they're taking on by rooting for this pathetic, perpetually-underachieving franchise. My brother told me that after last weekend's Friday night loss to the Braves, she saw Buck Showlater on TV and just said, "They lost because that guy sucks." And this weekend, when her dad told her an hour before the first pitch that it was time to get excited for game three, her response was "They're going to lose because that's what they do." She's 5. This season has really helped her progress in her Met fandom, so I consider it a successful season.
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