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I had to go look....swept by the blue jays, then swept by the braves? JFC.
We suck in that distinctive Mets way - tons of injuries and under-performance. This is a very typical season for Met fans with any experience. I've floated along with an injury-prone, underachieving Mets teams for decades at a time. I can do a season like this in my sleep. It's like that episode of "Married With Children" where Peg Bundy was responsible for the death of the fitness expert and Al said it was because he wasn't robust enough to survive on their awful diet. Met fans are the Bundys of sports ... we can easily survive what would crush the souls of other fans because it's our natural state to root for shitty, underperforming teams that blow seasons that should have us in the Series in spectacularly pathetic ways.

But also in the tradition of all Met fans looking for whatever pathetic imitation silver lining we can find ... kinda lookin' like we lucked out losing JdG, yes? Second TJ surgery and probably out until 2024, maybe 2025. Yikes, Texas Rangers finance guys ...


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I get what you're saying, and I can take an ass-beating like tonight's with a "thank you sir, may I have another", but last night's loss was excruciating (more so because it was to the Braves).
As far as JdG goes, at least he pitched himself onto the DL; we finally have a closer who could be as good as (or even better) than Mariano and he hurts himself jumping around like my daughter making a tik tok.
That might be the most Mets thing ever.


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